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Growing Up Greene was born from the need for greater child-centered charitable work in Greene County.  Our volunteer Child Advocates, board members, and staff are dedicated to serving children and families inside and outside of the child-welfare system, while maintaining the confidentiality of those same children and families.

Mission Statement: Growing Up Greene is committed to protecting Greene County’s most important resource: its children.  Our innovative child-welfare programming, expanding on time-tested, volunteer-led advocacy, provides real and positive results to the children and families we serve.  We strive to reduce the impact and severity of childhood traumas, leading to healthier and happier local communities.


Growing Up Greene's staff and Board of Directors:

Emily Stout, Scott Kelley (P), Maddie Loring, Stephanie MacCartney, Julia Smith (T), Patty Charlton (S), Adam Belletti, Keshia Weaver (VP), Tim Meeks, Aaron Houser, and (Janette Kline)

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